Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Foodbuzz Scavenger Hunt

What do three hundred and fifty food bloggers do at dinner together? Simultaneously with each course they all pull out their cameras and start taking pictures, making me look like a serious amateur. It was surreal!

I told you I'd talk about that strange dream yesterday. So, Ryan Stern from Foodbuzz corners me against the wall of a ballroom. Then scarlet and gold liquids slosh from wine goblets as they float through the air and crash against my head. “Eat!” Ryan commands. I beg, “Please, no if I eat anymore I’ll literally explode.” “Dorian”, Ryan says, “The Sword of Truth. Test her.” Dorian Asch, Foodbuzz’s community manager pulls out a long gleaming white sword and walks toward me. I duck and try to slide against the wall to the freedom of the open glass doors around the corner.

Suddenly, I wake in a cold sweat. I start to chuckle, vowing to go on a semi-fast for the next week. Foodbuzz and their sponsors did an incredible job spoiling us this weekend, maybe a little to good. Or perhaps I shouldn’t read melodramatic wizard books after over-indulging all weekend.

When the exquisite lamb and scallop dinner ended Saturday, we were sent off on a scavenger hunt with our ridiculously full bellies. Sandy, the newest Foodbuzz staff member joined our group and “Tony (left) and The Gold Dust Gals” headed out into the evening to play in beautiful San Francisco.

As we were leaving, I collected 10 business cards as directed, but was naughty and kept them. Well, truth be told I forgot to turn mine in. Sorry! But now I can visit all those blogs I took cards from.

Bone weary and feet aching I ran outside with my team. We spot waiters running around and Julie grabs one for a dance. With number six out of the way we say a grateful goodbye and head into the brightly lit city night.

We tackle jumping jacks next, heck those are easy right? Getting a cable car to stop long enough to get a picture was a whole different matter. “Hey! There’s one, lets run over.” I swear those drivers knew we were up to no good. As soon as they spotted us they’d speed away. We got a picture on the third try. The driver was five seconds too late, but boy he was moving to get away! That's Julie, Diana, Tony, and Sandy with motion blur there.

Then the hippest guy in San Francisco (number four) strolls out of Chase bank. Isn’t he adorable? I’d wear a bow tie and cardigan too if I were 6 ½ feet tall. Sweetest guy ever. Although, I think everyone in San Francisco is nice. He was however, the hippest in my book.

Groan, we looked down at the list. We still had to toast drinks at a bar. Seriously? How the heck are we going to fit it in our gullets? Ugh ok, it’s for the team. We head over with Tony to Gold Dust, a chest-to-chest packed antique bar that screams old time San Fran. The waitress took our picture, it’s blurry but hell it’s a shot. Oh speaking of shots, I got one of Goldschlager Ugh. Why do I do this to myself in the name of fun? This has to be why I had that nightmare.

OK, what next. Snacks? Late night snacks? I swear we collectively groaned. “No. More. Food. No. I rebel. Ugh!” OK, Sarah thinks of hostess so we run across town to Walgreens. The poor guy who took our picture thought we were mental. He took our photograph only out of fear for his life and quickly dropped the camera and backed away into the shadows.

So that’s it. The whole boisterously fun scavenger hunt. Now all I want are vegetables, a nap, fewer blisters and a fully staffed kitchen. “Waitress, would you bring me a grilled vegetable sandwich please? One with a fancy little toothpick?” Oh wait, I’m the waitress, cook and photographer. I suppose it’s back to reality for this food blogger. See you next year Foodbuzz Festival! Hopefully I’ll be recovered by then.


Sue said...

That scavenger hunt sounds like a fun one! Love the first photo of everyone taking pics of their food at the table:)

The Cooking Photographer said...

It was fun Sue, I wish you could have heard all the clicking lol!

oc2seattle said...

OMG literally LOL at your description of the Walgreen's manager. BTW I ate cookies while reading this - what's with all this veggie nonsense?

shaz said...

WOw, that sounded like such super fun!! Must have been pretty surreal having that many cameras going off at each course lol!

Anonymous said...

Serious fun! The clicking would have driven me mad i say, mad!! HAHA!

Anonymous said...

There is just nothing like a food conference to spur camera envy.
The Scavenger hunt sound like such fun, might have to start budgeting to attend next year.

The Cooking Photographer said...

Lol Sarah! You crack me up. I laughed when you ate that whole darn Twinkie!

thepinkspoon said...

The Sword of Truth!!! Dorian and I will find you Laura ;)

Great to see you and thanks for all your energy, enthusiasm and support!

xo ryan

Pink Little Cake said...

Laura, it seems that you had so much fun. When I started to read your post I read :
Ryan Stern from Foodbuzz corners me against the wall of a BATHROOM!. I ALMOST HAD A HART ATTACK :) Then I read the right word, I guess I need more coffee since I haven't sleept for the past 2 days.

The Cooking Photographer said...


I'm happy to be involved! Thanks for everything. It was fun, as always, to see you. Evil dreams and all lol.


The Cooking Photographer said...

Kathia! Why are you not sleeping???!

blackbookkitchendiaries said...

lovely sure you had a blast:)

Foodiewife said...

The dinner was elegant and I loved all the wine pairings with each course. I ate the scallops with relish, and the lamb was pretty darned good. Once the scavenger hunt was announced, I had to duck out for the evening. Luckily, my roommate doesn't drink alcohol, so I gave her the keys to my car and we white-knuckled finding our way back to the Sir Francis Drake to pass out with fatigue. I'm still editing my photos and really appreciated the photography session. I had a fantastic time at the Foodbuzz Blogger Festival. You were so busy with the food paparazzi, that I didn't have a chance to say hello to you.

The Cooking Photographer said...

Food paparazzi! Omgosh Debby you crack me up. I didn't even get a chance to come down and help you. I felt so bad we had to leave the room so quickly for the next session.

The equipment that we rented was larger than I use for food photography, and I didn't get to share that either.

Next time, come find me! Are you going next year?


scrambledhenfruit said...

I'm seriously green with envy- that sounds like it was so much fun!

Diana said...

Aww wish we could do the scavenger hunt again some time soon! That was so fun! :) Diana

Morgansmenu said...

Looks like you guys had fun! I could not bring myself to stay awake any longer, but I can tell I missed out. :)

Mads said...

How does one get involved in the Foodbuzz conference?
I don't have a completely food-dedicated blog, but I would love to learn more about food blogging.
Do you just sign up or are you invited?

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