Friday, May 14, 2010

Clara’s Cold Lunch Corner Week 4

This week I have little to offer except Clara’s menu. You see, I have something up my sleeve that I won’t share yet. I usually look around to see what’s going on in the lunch world, but I’ve been working nonstop and my brain is mush. In fact, I think it might be seeping out of my ears. I just hope I have enough brain cells left to get this project finished.

I made Twinkies last week and froze a few of them for Clara’s lunches. She really enjoyed them and kept asking for more. It was also the Twinkies that saved me late last night after I'd worked for about 16 hours straight. I had no idea what to pack! Consequently, lunch number five is one of those haphazard mother has gone crazy lunches, but I think she’ll enjoy it today. It has a Twinkie in it, of course she will.

Hopefully this makes up for the leftovers I sent with her to school. I did try to break up the monotony of the same meal by spacing them two days apart. That seemed to help some. Although really, all Clara wanted was those darn Twinkies!

Clara’s Cold Lunch Corner Week 4

Week of May 10th-May 14th 2010
1. Laptop
Medium uncovered box- PB&J sandwich on homemade whole wheat bread & huckleberry jam. Cut in half and placed in two snack bags.
Medium covered box- Strawberries
Small uncovered box - cheese sticks cut to fit and wrapped in a snack bag.
Small covered box- Red, white and blue gummy bears.

2. Laptop
Large covered box- Kid Caesar Salad: Chopped romaine, Parmesan cheese and garlic croutons.
On the side of the Laptop Lunchbox- Caesar salad dressing in small dip container, 1 homemade Twinkie in a snack bag, 1 small box dried cranberries, 1 snack bag with shelled sunflower seeds.

3. Laptop (Picture above)
Medium covered box- Molded deviled eggs sandwiched back together. A sandwich bag with ice tucked inside kept them cold.
Medium covered box- Carrot sticks with bleu cheese dressing in small covered container
Small covered box- Galia melon chunks
Small covered box- Whole grain cheddar fish shaped crackers
Liquid thermos- Smoothie with soymilk, plain yogurt, mango juice & leftover fruit

4. Metal Lunchbox
Food thermos- Roasted carrot pasta
Sandwich bag- Orange wedges
Sandwich bag- Peanuty Butterfinger Chip Fudge Cookies (Will write up the recipe soon)
Liquid thermos- Smoothie with soymilk, plain yogurt, mango juice & leftover fruit

5. Metal Lunchbox (This is the “what the heck am I going to pack?” lunch!)
Wrapped in foil- 2 biscuits with ham & American cheese
Bag of Garden Veggie Straws
Stretch Island Fruit Leathers
Snack bag- 1 homemade Twinkie


Velva said...

That is the most awesome kid lunch-wow. I would not dare tell you what was packed in my kids lunch today. :-)

The homemade twinkies sound delightful.

Hope your weekend is more relaxing.

Patricia @ ButterYum said...

First off, let me tell you how adorable Clara is!!! Soooo cute!!

Second, I wish you would have been my mom. t's not too late to adopt me... whatcha think?


Sue said...

Your little Clara is so cute!
Homemade twinkies!?! What a Mom! You're awesome! :)

shaz said...

Hello Clara. She's a cutie!.

Hang in there Laura, waiting to see what you're working on :)

Guess what I did today? I placed a lunch order for the kid *gasp*. It was for homemade (or should that be canteen made?) chicken soup and a roll so it eased my conscience somewhat. But you actually packed lunch even with mush-brain...I am in awe :)

Susi's Kochen und Backen said...

What a cutie pie :o)
Oh and I'm so so jealous you have those Japanese egg molds. They look so much fun!!!
As always, you are an inspiration!

Pink Little Cake said...

I will be happy if you can adopt me too, well and Cami would have to come with me also. Don't worry I will leave Lucas and my husband here in NJ. Clara is adorable, love her hair! Can't wait to see your project.

Mary Bergfeld said...

I'm really curious to find out what your special project is. Clara is a doll. I hope you are having a wonderful day. Blessings...Mary

Pink Little Cake said...

I have been waiting to see this super awesome blog desing. I love it!! Congratulations with you rnew look.

The Cooking Photographer said...

Yes I'll take you Patricia and Kathia and of course Cami! What fun it would be. I just wish we were all closer. Sighh someday.

The Cooking Photographer said...

It's so nice to see you all! I hope you're having a nice Spring. Well, make that a nice Fall for you Shaz!

Patricia @ ButterYum said...

Schnazy new look - me likes!


Memória said...

Just stopping by to say your daughter is too cute!!

Veronica M. said...

Is it this bed and breakfast idea that's got you so busy? I can't wait to hear more. Clara is a cutie-patootie and I want to know more about those molded eggs. How do you do that?

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