Friday, April 30, 2010

Clara’s Cold Lunch Corner Week 2

See that plain looking lunch up there? It's good enough to eat, but now I'm inspired. Totally and completely inspired by ABQ Bento Mama’s lunches. Does that mean I’ll do anything cool like her? Um, probably not, I’m not that talented! But her children have the coolest mom around. They get clowns, monsters, pirate chips, monster trucks, and princesses in their lunches! How the heck can one person be so darn talented? God, I’d hate to be the poor kid sitting next to Bento Mama’s kids with my plain old PB&J!

I try to do a little variety, and some substance, but Clara’s lunches will never be as cool as Hello Kitty, or an apple frog eating corn dogs. I’ve spent hours marveling over this woman’s handiwork. She’s brilliant.

So my question this week is, what do you do to keep your children’s lunches or your own lunches interesting? I’m finding myself doing a lot of repeats lately and could use some inspiration.

As for last week’s contest, my sweet geeky husband did the random number thing and Robin was picked. Congratulations Robin you get the food thermos and food guide.

Last thing before I go, Laptop Lunches is currently having a closeout on original bento boxes if you like the smaller size bentos.

Clara’s Cold Lunch Corner Week 2

Lunches are large enough to finish up as a snack on the bus ride home.

Week of April 26th-April 30th 2010.
1. Laptop (Picture above)
Medium covered- ½ bagel with cream cheese.
Medium covered- Carrot sticks, mini container of bleu cheese dressing, 1 strawberry.
Small covered- Pistachios
Small covered- Oregon Fruit Combo Berry Compote

2. Laptop
Large uncovered- Whole grain hot dog bun with mustard, mayo, ham & cheese. Carrot coins in a snack bag. 1 Fairytale Brownie. Thanks Tricia for the brownies!
Small covered- Strawberries
Small covered- Peanuts, organic raisins and mini pretzels.

3. Laptop
Medium covered- Grapes with berry sour cream dip in covered mini container. (Berry jam pureed with sour cream.)
Medium covered- Sandwich bites on homemade simple whole wheat bread with cream cheese & huckleberry jam.
Small covered- Homemade graham crackers
Small covered- Garden Veggie Straws (Costco)

4. Laptop
Medium covered- MorningStar Farms Chik’n Nuggets. Mini container organic ketchup.
Medium covered- Watermelon chunks
Small covered- Annie’s White Cheddar Bunnies crackers
Small covered- Organic sour gummy cubs

5. Laptop
Medium covered- Two mini samosa tacos with homemade tortillas.
Medium covered- Organic whole grain pretzel sticks (Costco). Small covered container stone ground mustard.
Small covered- Cashew clusters (Costco).
Silicone cupcake cup- Cutie Clementine
Tucked in side- Two Stretch Island Fruit Leathers (Costco again)
Liquid thermos- Cold milk

By Laura Flowers.


Patricia @ ButterYum said...

I won't win mother of the year for this, but after countless years of packing lunches and listening to the occasional complaint about what I put inside, I finally decided to have the kids pack their own. No more complaints.


Susi's Kochen und Backen said...

I think the lunches you pack are great. There is a wonderful variety each and every day. I need to start copying them and start making them for my kids and they'll think you are the coolest mom. Ours are so much more boring than what Clara gets.

Linda said...

Thanks for the goodies!
I've been pouring over Bento sites as well and will check out the one linked above. They are amazing! Too bad dh wouldn't appreciate them much. Maybe when SweetPea is a little older. ;)
Thanks again!

Veronica said...

I had fun checking out Bento Mama's lunches. I'm sure her kids are thrilled every time they open their box. Amazing is right! But I'm sure Clara is perfectly pleased with all these nutritious & appealing lunches you pack.

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