Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Grilled Bacon Wrapped Jalapeno Poppers with Vintage Cheddar

Some cool guy I don’t know reposted this picture of mine. He must have gotten it off Flickr where I keep my images for people to enjoy. A few people look, sometimes if I’m lucky I even get a comment or two.

Well, when this extremely cool guy placed my image on Disqus he got hundreds of comments! Or comment looking things. I can’t really figure out what they are. Don't get me wrong, I'm very grateful this extremely super cool guy exposed my shot to others, and he even gave me credit which is awesome! Without him, this photograph would have stayed in the food photography black hole of never viewed images.

However, what I’ve learned from all this is: I’m. Not. Cool. This is somewhat difficult to accept. Although it shouldn't be, my mother has been telling me this for years. Affectionately, I've been assuming. Wait, shouldn't my own mother think I'm cool?

So what if I talk to my dog, and call the orb weaver on my porch a pet and will mourn her wintery death? How is it that I’m not cool riding my bicycle around town with a big metal basket bolted on front in my old lady glasses?

So what if I dress like I’m from 1990s Idaho! This is Idaho and we’re ten years behind. I have to dress this way to fit in or I’d get lynched by local trendy hating wild elk. Have you ever been dragged and beaten by an elk? They're bigger than me!

And my getting all school-girl excited when I fry things in the fryalator, this one doesn’t make me cool? How about my grilling all winter in my big rubber snow boots? Or how about losing the meatloaf from last night’s dinner and still not being able to find it?

Facts are facts I suppose. I’m a nerd. So, if you're cooler than me, which likely you are, please feel free to get others excited about my food. I apparently don’t have the glam factor. That’s alright by me, I can handle it.

Right now I just want to find that meatloaf. I’ve been looking everywhere for it. Well, everywhere except the laundry room that is. Although I’m certain it's been carried off by hungry leftover-loving poltergeists.

Grilled Bacon Wrapped Jalapeno Poppers with Vintage Cheddar
You’ll need a jalapeno griller for this recipe. I bought mine at Cabela’s.

Tillamook Vintage White Cheddar or other favorite cheese, shredded
Salt & freshly cracked pepper
Sliced Bacon cut in half, not thick cut
Beer, for drinking during assembly

1. Heat up the grill to medium high.

2. Toss the shredded cheese with a little salt and freshly cracked pepper. Set aside.

3. Wash and cut tops off jalapenos, reserve tops. Carefully scrape out the seeds and membranes with a jalapeno corer or small spoon type scraper. Next, poke a hole in the bottom of each jalapeno with a toothpick. Drink beer. *Warning! You might want to wear gloves while doing this, and don't touch your eyeballs.*

4. Stuff each jalapeno with cheese. Then wrap the bacon halves around the jalapenos and secure with a toothpick through the top third completely though the jalapeno. Drink beer.

5. Place the jalapenos in the metal griller holes, balance the caps of the jalapenos on top of their bodies, and place on the grill. Cook until the skin has some black spots, the bacon is cooked through, and the cheese is melted.

6. Wait a few minutes before serving and enjoy with more beer.

By Laura Flowers


Coleens Recipes said...

Did the guy say the photo was his? I loved your post today...how funny.

Patricia @ ButterYum said...

You lost your meatloaf??? I can't wait to hear more about that!

I once browned several pounds of ground beef and packaged it up in several containers to cool before storing in the freezer. An hour or so later I walked into the kitchen to find zero containers of ground beef. I asked my toddler if she knew where mommy's ground beef was. She nodded her head and told me that she put them in the fridge. I opened the fridge, but the ground beef wasn't in there. I turned to her again and she pointed towards her bedroom. We walked together as she led me to her little play refrigerator... and yep, right inside were my containers of ground beef.

:) She's teen now and hates when I tell that story.

Ginger said...

Was that an ok thing that he did that or no?? I definitely want to get one of those jalapeno grillers. I have been on the lookout for quite sometime. My problem is that I am not a mall girl. I should maybe try mail order. Your Jalapeno Poppers look wonderful. We have another thing in common, I am not cool either!! Or at least that is what my 17 year old son tells me!! Have a great day.

La Table De Nana said...

The cool guy and I gravitate to same greatness I think..:) as soon as I saw this on my blogroll I thought Oh yum! It is a great pic!

The meatloaf mystery is indeed a bit funny..I've misplaced many things but not a meatloaf:) Retrace all your steps..we usually get an epiphany but if you have a pet it may be in it's tummy lost forever:)

Sherri Murphy said...

Cool pic!

You MUST be cool- I've seen your photos and amazing recipes- you're cool in my book!

Fiesta Saurus Rex said...

I might cry about this recipe, and forget that I am vegetarian for one day. All the things I love wrapped in bacon!

Also, one time my boyfriend and I were cutting jalapenos for some poppers - and then he went pee.

HA! Ooooops. its only funny because it wasn't me :)

Fiesta Saurus Rex said...

Oh wait! I forgot to add that once I lost a container full of my cheeses (you know the leftover bits of a few market cheeses). I searched for hours.

A few months later I found it in our cleaning supplies drawer.
Thank god it was in a container.

The Cooking Photographer said...

Hi Ginger,

This was a great thing, this guy was awesome and even gave me credit. I'm happy and encourage others to pass around my pictures, stories, or both. I just ask that they give me a credit line and/or a link back and they do. People are pretty trustworthy and upstanding.

It just made me laugh that I can't get someone to look at an image I took, but someone else can. But either way, it's good, and I am grateful.


The Cooking Photographer said...

Fiesta Saurus Rex and Patricia! Your lost food stories made me laugh!!

Monique: Omgosh I still can't find that meatloaf, and the dog is too short to get at it. I even remember the container it's in.

And FSR I burst out laughing at your BF! Ouch!

Seriously, this is just weird. I'll keep looking and post more.

Coleen,the guy gave me credit, it was good. I am just shocked at my own uncoolness.

I'm happy when my work makes its way around around the interweb, it makes the struggle of doing all this worth the effort when someone enjoys something I've done.


Ciao Chow Linda said...

Good luck finding that meatloaf. Do you suppose someone ate it and doesn't want to fess up. The jalapenos looks scrumptious by the way.

Mardi Michels said...

Great post and nice recipe!

Frenchie said...

So I don't have a jalapeno griller, but I want to try to make this in the oven. I am dying over here, I want to eat this right now. What a perfect treat.

Cathy said...

Great post. More people need to embrace their inner nerdiness....and for the record I grill all year long too...in a toque with earflap thingys.

Meregarita said...

Ya made it onto Tastespotting so you must be doing something right!

Mary Bergfeld said...

I'm always surprised that you are still bemused when folks tell you how good you are. As to the not cool - let's have a contest :-).

Lo said...

As much as I want to invite you to join me in embracing your nerdiness, I think, my dear, that you are cooler than you believe. And cooler than your mother admits :)

The photo rocks... and, truth be told, the whole concept makes me drool all over myself. So, I'm thinking I'm the one who's not very cool at this point :)

The Cooking Photographer said...

Thank-you Lo. I knew I liked you! Or is it your blog. I just saw the pho on it!!! Um, yum!


Pink Little Cake said...

If you find your meatloaf, please save me some, since I have no idea how to make it and if I find out I will be the only one eating it at home. Meatloaf=ground beef+veal+ eggs and veggies?

The Cooking Photographer said...

Omgosh Kathia, there is still no meatloaf! Noone took it, and the dog can't reach it.

This is so weird. I'm probably going to find it somewhere strange. I wonder if I put it out with the canning supplies when I put a jar back. Geesh!


Deseree said...

These look divine! And I love the fact that you use tillamook cheese. I strictly use tillamook in my house. Just about every kind is delicious.

I have one of these jalapeno grillers but I can never get mine to work right and the jalapenos always fall everywhere. I lost a few of them as they rolled off my balcony, not quite sure where they went after that and I havent used my griller since. Although after seeing this recipe I may have to give it a try again.

On another note, your post made me laugh. I find that I am quite the nerd, I just embrace it now :)

The Cooking Photographer said...

Hi Deseree,

Get small jalapenos the big ones fall all over, and if they're too small the toothpick shoved through the top half will balance on the holes anyway.

I hope you try again! And I love Tillamook too.


shaz said...

He he, cool is overrated. I'll take snow boots anyday. Um - how did you lose a meatloaf?

Oh and btw, these poppers look absolutely delicious:)

Nina Timm said...

A nerd that can cook like this....I'll take you over any jock!!!!! This is an awesome looking chili popper!!!

Ps I am an old duck already wit a wonderful husband and children, but I was just trying to prove a point......nothing kinky!!!

Jamie said...

Laura, I think that you are super cool! It's all in the sense of humor and I can so see that, especially cooking in your big rubber snow boots, the big metal bike basket and the talking to your dog (who doesn't?). And anyone who makes something so incredible looking, so gorgeous and mouth-watering, so sexy as these Grilled Bacon Wrapped Jalapeno Poppers dripping with cheese is the coolest dudette in my book! Just follow them with one of your donuts please.

Lynne Daley said...

Love your photo of the poppers! I'll send the link to my daughter who makes them all the time. Great post, btw.

Patricia @ ButterYum said...

Pink is my favorite color :).

Someday maybe we'll share some granite counter space ;). I have an aunt who lives in your neck of the woods... I have never been there to visit, but you never know!

Nicole Feliciano said...

Anything with bacon is good in my opinion. Love the photo too. This is pretty inspiring. Hope you get a minute to link up to Momtrends' recipe swap today:


Belle & Ward said...

I just found your blog and I think you're pretty cool! And this recipe - oh my! bacon and jalapeno poppers. I makes me wish we had a jalapeno griller! ~ Belle

Trissa said...

Hehe... I've been called nerdy before too! But we all know cooking is cool!

Arunah said...

I love your very detailed cooking instructions : ...drink beer... drink beer... lol.
Your pic is absolutely splendid ! No wonder it was used somewhere else... In fact this is the best compliment !
And of course these bacon and jalapeno poppers look terrific, I'll have to try them but I have no idea of what a jalapeno griller might be...
Please let us know about the meat loaf... The dog is probably not as innocent as it claims...

The Cooking Photographer said...

Hi Arunah,

Thank-you for the comment! And a jalapeno griller is a stainless steal stand with holes in it for jalapenos to fit through.


Anonymous said...

Disorganized writer... serious of books, you probably mean series of books.

For what it's worth, the peppers look great, mouthwatering.

The Cooking Photographer said...

Roflmao! Thanks much! Hey I warned you. I only attempt to write. :)


Julie said...

Love your blog! BUT, you're missing one very vital, very important thing - a Printable Recipe link. Pretty please with sugar on top???

Julie said...

well... for this awesome pepper recipe, at least

Anonymous said...

LOL I loved the pic, wanted to try the recipe so I repinned. Today I sat down to read the actual recipe to make this yummy yummy looking popper (guess that's what its called) Low and behold as I read I was almost insulted by the 1990's Idaho attire comment until You said this is Idaho. Now I must say you totally are cool 'cause your right this IS Idaho. As I read your blog it occurred to me just how small the world really is.
Oh yes I am from Idaho too! Nampa to be exact. Thanks for the recipe!

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