Friday, April 22, 2011

Beevil the Evil Returns with More S'mores

During the course of creation of Peep Bunnies, sometimes something goes terribly wrong. The Noble Face Stamper shifts slightly out of alignment and the faces of those newly born peeps end up stamped on their neck, leaving them disfigured for life.

When this happens, young Peeps, just like children, can often be cruel. In sugar fluff school, the “perfect Peeps” tease those sad little sugar bunnies until they lose their self-esteem and drop out.

But sometimes, those misaligned peeps take revenge. This is where the second story of Beevil the Evil begins.

“I dream of humans devouring every perfect Peep on the planet!” Beevil’s shout echoed through Polka Dot Field as he danced over the dead body of Fluffy, the town marshmallow-ball star.

D. Bunny and Boyd, Beevil’s trusty goons stood silently behind their evil boss watching as Fluffy became flatter and flatter.

“Well Boss, at least he can’t tease you anymore. I never thought he’d shut up about your face. Not that there’s anything wrong with your face of course.” Backpedaled D. Bunny.

Boyd looked up with his goofy eyes, “The kids won’t be able to resist this one. I’m even considering eating Fluffy myself.”

“Its true Boyd, few humans will be able to keep from devouring my latest torture device. Chocolate death platforms, gooey Snickers Eggs and one newly hideous blown up Fluffy stuffed into the center. It’s my natural born genius!” Laughed Beevil evilly.

At that moment, Fleet the town mail-bunny happened to be racing by with the morning letters. Now, it’s a good thing Fleet is so fast, because he took one look at what Beevil was up to and recognized he’d better hightail it out of there! In fact, Fleet ran so quickly he only stopped when Sergeant Hollow waved his fragile white chocolate bunny arms for him to stop, before they both ended up as shattered bunnies.

“Whoa. Slow down there Fleet. What’s got you so hare panicked?

“It’s Beevil. I think they’ve got Fluffy! I think they’ve killed Fluffy!” gasped Fleet as he stumbled over his words.

“Dang rabbit!” said Sergeant Hollow. “Who’s going to be our marshmallow-ball star if Fluffy’s dead?”

“You’re worried about marshmallow-ball at a time like this?!” exclaimed Fleet. “Fluffy’s dead!”

“Oh right, that was pretty insensitive of me. We better gather the Peep Platoon and find Fluffy before the humans get to him.” Said Sergeant Hollow.

Meanwhile, Beevil was tying up Fluffy’s death platform. He needed to get Fluffy into position close to where the sugar addicted human child liked to play. Without warning, D. Bunny and Boyd began arguing about a noise coming over the hill.

“Quiet you morons!” said Beevil. “It’s time to dispose of the evidence. We must drag this monstrosity into place. Boyd, get the stretcher.”

“Uh, um Boss? Mr. Evil Sir? Shouldn’t we get out of here before that Peep Platoon across the field catches us? It looks like they’re pretty mad and there sure is a lot of them.” Stammered Boyd.

“What? Those brainless dweebs will never find…. Eeeek, Why didn’t you tell me they were coming? Run! Every handsome Peep for himself!” yelled Beevil. And Beevil and his two goons ran for their sugary lives.”

“Get them!” Shouted Sergeant Hollow. But the Peep Platoon became confused and ran the wrong way, allowing Beevil to escape.

The chocolate bunnies had all but forgotten Beevil as they hopped forward in shocked silence to get a good look at Fluffy. “He sure was a good marshmallow-ball player. Too bad he was such a jerk.” Said Flower sadly. “I suppose we should give him a proper burial out at Three Crosses.”

And so the Peeps and chocolate bunnies raised enough money to give Fluffy a nice burial. Although many thought he really did deserved to be eaten, and after a time life returned mostly to normal. Though Sergeant Hollow’s still looking for a marshmallow-ball star replacement.

As for Beevil, he’s lying low evilly dreaming up his next torture device recipe.

Beevil’s Torture Device 2
1 chocolate graham cracker death platform
1 Snickers Egg
1 Mean Peep Bunny named Fluffy

Break the death platform in half. Place it on a microwave plate. Put the Snickers Egg on the graham cracker and top with one defiant Peep Bunny.

Blow said peep bunny up in the microwave until you are happy. Laugh evilly. Top with second half of death platform. Dance around on death platform. Eat.

By Laura Flowers @ The Cooking Photographer. Written for friend Mari Lindsley, who requested Beevil come back for another story.


Anonymous said...

Oh this is too funny. I've always disliked Peeps, but for the first time I see a reason to buy them ;)

FootPrints said...

AAAAHHH...i need one of these IMMEDIATELY.

Holly said...

LOL!!!!! Funny:) These are ADORABLE!:)

Amanda said...

This cracks me up! I sat here dying over the hilarious pictures you posed all those little bunnies for. Haha, I think the playing with toys part of us never really goes away :)

Jess @ Sugar High said...

Hahaha, I love it!

Unknown said...

Hahahaha my daughter would love that. I would be really would be scared of her if she had it :D.

Joanne said...

Can I tel you that you've officially made my night? Cause you have.

The Cooking Photographer said...

I'm glad you all liked it! :)

Betty @ scrambled hen fruit said...

I think you had WAY too much fun with your peeps tonight. :) And I had WAY too much fun reading about it. :) My kids always loved putting peeps into the microwave and watching them blow up. Graham crackers were usually involved but I don't think they ever described them as being death platforms. Too funny!

Federica Simoni said...

ma sono bellissimi!Tanti auguri di Buona Pasqua a te a tutta la tua famiglia!!!!!!!

The Cooking Photographer said...

Betty I did have fun. Ooo and I ate too much candy!

Dee D. said...

Hahaha, that so cute! And so delicious looking! yum :)

Tweetle Dee Design Co. said...

OMG....I LOVE IT!!!! You are hilarious!

Mari said...

I love it, thank you Laura! You make me laugh.

Chelsea said...

You are so funny! Such a creative way to use Easter candy :)

Xiaolu @ 6 Bittersweets said...

LOL you are such a hoot, my dear! And the latest Beevil recipe is simply genius. Bet the Snickers egg makes the common s'more so muchyummier. A must try.

Rocket Spanish said...

I am sure the children would love to listed to stories while indulging themselves with the sweetness of the dish..

stephchows said...

HAHAHAHAHAHHAAH! YES!!! death platform!!! this is the best easter story ever... poor fluffy hehe. Glad you liked the name :D

Anonymous said...

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Take care and have a nice day :-)

Ryan said...

hahahahaha oh my gosh, those are the cutest things I've ever seen!

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